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What does the Catholic Church teach about same-sex attraction and gender identity discordance?  

The Office of Human Life, Family and Bioethics has recently added to our
website educational resources and local diocesan support options on
Same-Sex Attraction and Gender Identity Discordance. These materials
are provided to educate, form, and transform all Catholics seeking clarity,
direction, and pastoral care consistent with the beauty of authentic
Church teaching on these topics.

Catholic Teaching loves and embraces ALL persons as beloved sons and
daughters of God respecting the personal dignity of each person. As in all areas
connected to human sexuality, our Faith centers on doing justice to the human
person and enabling each person to authentically flourish in freedom according
to God's loving plan.



What is the Courage/EnCourage Apostolate?

Register NOW for the Annual Courage/EnCourage Conference
*Deadline for Registration for ALL options is July 17, 2022
*Attendees can opt for the "in-person" or virtual option
*Please note: Clergy Day is only in-person, there is NO registration fee for
this option


A Growing Threat to Life:  Chemical Abortions   

Read the letter linked here for more information on this topic: A Growing Threat to Life:  Chemical Abortions